Saturday, June 27, 2009

Definitions of decision tree on the Web:

  • Definitions of decision tree on the Web:

    Is a listing of all the possible outcomes of an expression. Typically decision trees are for boolean expressions.
  • A graphical representation of all possible outcomes and the paths by which they may be reached; often used in classification tasks. The top layer consists of input nodes (eg, meteorological observations and data). Decision nodes determine the order of progression through the graph. The leaves of the tree are all possible outcomes or classifications, while the root is the final outcome (for example, a weather prediction or climate classification). ...
  • A decision analysis tool that represents multiple collections of rules in the form of branches on a tree, that lead to a larger value or class.
  • form of flow diagram in which readers are routed according to their response to questions, usually consisting of graphic rectangles and diamonds connected with lines and arrows.
  • A predictive model based on a branching series of tests. Each test examines the value of a single column in the data and uses it to determine the next test to apply. The results of all tests determine which label to predict.
  • A diagram consisting of nodes and branches that depicts the information for a decision problem. (page 790)
  • In decision theory (for example risk management), a decision tree is a graph of decisions and their possible consequences, (including resource costs and risks) used to create a plan to reach a goal. Decision trees are constructed in order to help with making decisions.

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