Saturday, August 22, 2009

What are the types of External Loader available with Informatica?

If you have rank index for top 10. However if you pass only 5 records, what will be the output of such a Rank Transformation?
if u r using a update strategy in any of ur mapping, then in session properties u have to set treat source rows as Data Driven. if u select insert or udate or delete, then the info server will not consider UPD for performing any DB operations.


u can use the UPD session level options. instead of using a UPD in mapping just select the update in treat source rows and update else insert option. this will do the same job as UPD. but be sure to have a PK in the target table.

2) for oracle : SQL loader

for teradata:tpump,mload.

3) if u pass only 5 rows to rank, it will rank only the 5 records based on the rank port.

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