Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What are the benefits of data warehousing?

Data warehouses are designed to perform well with aggregate queries running on large amounts of data.
The structure of data warehouses is easier for end users to navigate, understand and query against unlike the relational databases primarily designed to handle lots of transactions.
Data warehouses enable queries that cut across different segments of a company's operation. E.g. production data could be compared against inventory data even if they were originally stored in different databases with different structures.
Queries that would be complex in very normalized databases could be easier to build and maintain in data warehouses, decreasing the workload on transaction systems.
Data warehousing is an efficient way to manage and report on data that is from a variety of sources, non uniform and scattered throughout a company.
Data warehousing is an efficient way to manage demand for lots of information from lots of users.
Data warehousing provides the capability to analyze large amounts of historical data for nuggets of wisdom that can provide an organization with competitive advantage.

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