Friday, November 14, 2008

Questions III

In my source table 1000 rec's r there.I want to load 501 rec to 1000 rec into my Target table ?how can u do this ?
You can overide the sql Query in Wofkflow Manager. LIke
select * from tab_name where rownum<=1000 minus select * from tab_name where rownum<=500; This will work fine. Try it and get back to me if u have any issues about the same.

How to Generate the Metadata Reports in Informatica? You can generate PowerCenter Metadata Reporter from a browser on any workstation, even a workstation that does not have PowerCenter tools installed.

What r the methods for creating reusable transforamtions? You can design using 2 methods using transformation developer create normal one and promote it to reusable

What are the diffrence between joiner transformation and source qualifier transformation? You can join hetrogenious data sources in joiner transformation which we can not achieve in source qualifier transformation. You need matching keys to join two relational sources in source qualifier transformation.Where as you doesn’t need matching keys to join two sources. Two relational sources should come from same datasource in sourcequalifier.You can join relatinal sources which are coming from diffrent sources also. Can any body write a session parameter file which will change the source and targets for every session. i.e different source and targets for each session run. You are supposed to define a parameter file. And then in the Parameter file, you can define two parameters, one for source and one for target. Give like this for example: $Src_file = c:\program files\informatica\server\bin\abc_source.txt $tgt_file = c:\targets\abc_targets.txt Then go and define the parameter file: [folder_name.WF:workflow_name.ST:s_session_name] $Src_file =c:\program files\informatica\server\bin\abc_source.txt $tgt_file = c:\targets\abc_targets.txt If its a relational db, you can even give an overridden sql at the session a parameter. Make sure the sql is in a single line. In a sequential batch can you run the session if previous session fails? Yes.By setting the option always runs the session.

Can you use the maping parameters or variables created in one maping into any other reusable transformation? Yes.Because reusable tranformation is not contained with any maplet or maping.

Can you generate reports in Informatcia? Yes. By using Metadata reporter we can generate reports in informatica. There are 3 depts in dept table and one with 100 people and 2nd with 5 and 3rd with some 30 and so. i want to diplay those deptno where more than 10 people exists Yes! the answer provided is absolutely right. by an SQL application(Oracle). If you want to perform it thru informatica, the Fire the same query in the SQL Override of Source qualifier transformation and make a simple pass thru mapping. Other wise, you can also do it by using a Filter.Router transformation by giving the condition there deptno>=10.

Can you copy the session to a different folder or repository?
Yes. By using copy session wizard You can copy a session in a different folder or repository. But that target folder or repository should consists of mapping of that session.
If target folder or repository is not having the maping of copying session ,
You should have to copy that maping first before you copy the session.

Can Informatica be used as a Cleansing Tool? If Yes, give example of transformations that can implement a data cleansing routine.
Yes, we can use Informatica for cleansing data. some time we use stages to cleansing the data. It depends upon performance again else we can use expression to cleasing data.
For example an feild X have some values and other with Null values and assigned to target feild where target feild is notnull column, inside an expression we can assign space or some constant value to avoid session failure.

The input data is in one format and target is in another format, we can change the format in expression.
we can assign some default values to the target to represent complete set of data in the target.

Can batches be copied/stopped from server manager?
Yes, we can stop the batches using server manager or pmcmd command

Can Informatica load heterogeneous targets from heterogeneous sources?
Yes it can. For example...Flat File and Relations sources are joined in the mapping, and later, Flat File and relational targets are loaded.

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