Friday, November 14, 2008

Data Preprocessing Questions

1. Explain the categories of preprocessing methods with suitable examples 2 to 14
2. Explain different methods for filling missing values 15 to 19
3. Explain different techniques for smoothing noisy data 20 to 26
4. Write a short note on the reasons for the existence of inconsistent data 27 and 28
5. Explain about data integration and the issues pertaining to it 28 to 34
6. Explain about data transformation and the operations involved in data
7. Explain about the strategies for data reduction 45 to 55
8. What is meant by data compression and explain the effective techniques for data
9. What is meant by numerosity reduction and what are the techniques for
numerosity reduction
10. Explain the methods for discretization and segmentation 92 to 109
11. Explain the methods for concept hierarchy generation for categorical data 110 to 119

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