Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Data Warehousing FAQ's II

1)What are the various test procedures used to check whether the data is loaded in the backend, performance of the mapping, and quality of the data loaded in INFORMATICA.
2) What are the common problems developers face while ETL development
If you want to know the performance of a mapping at transformation level, then select the option in the session properties-> collect performance data. At the run time in the monitor you can see it in theƂ performance tab or you can get it from a file.
The PowerCenter Server names the file session_name.perf, and stores it in the same directory as the session log. If there is no session-specific directory for the session log, the PowerCenter Server saves the file in the default log files directory.
Quality of the data loaded depends on the quality of data in the source. If cleansing is required then have to perform some data cleansing operations in informatica. Final data will always be clean if followed.

What will happen if you are using Update Strategy Transformation and your session is configured for "insert"?

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